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Quote by Anne Power, Chair of NCRC

Trafford Hall Update January 2020

A New Start for the National Communities Resource Centre


 The idea of setting up a national community resource centre for tenants, residents and frontline staff from low-income areas came in 1989, while working in some of the most difficult estates in the country. Tenants were always pivotal in making things work, alongside the landlords. Without training to close the gap in information and know-how, it was, and still is, impossible for tenants to shape where they live. For running social rented housing is a complicated job. We needed a national training base, where tenants and front line staff could come and learn these skills over two days.


 Coming away to a peaceful environment with supportive staff and experienced trainers gives people a chance to develop their capacity, prepare practical action plans, and go home with the ideas and the confidence to deliver them. Over 25 years this has helped more than 100,000 participants at Trafford Hall. They were inspired by its driving purpose, its supportive staff and its beautiful setting. 40,000 community participants have attended courses in community self-help; over half a million households around the country have benefitted. Six and a half thousand community projects in local areas have sprung up as a result.


 But government funding cuts and increased pressures on charities have forced the closure of Trafford Hall. We are working furiously to reopen this unique resource, to carry on our work, and to inspire the next 100,000 community volunteers.


 We secured a short-term loan from an ethical regeneration group in June 2019, and have received generous donations from housing organisations, community groups and supporters. NCRC is now working with a charitable venue partner, and aims to be up and running by Easter 2020. Our venue partner will deliver all operational services: catering, housekeeping, gardening etc. NCRC will organise new residential training programmes under four main headings; families and young people; housing; environment; community self-help action.


 Please contribute to reopening Trafford Hall by giving a donation, however small. Larger donations also very welcome! We need £100,000 to get to the next stage of reopening and a further £50,000 to organise and run our first year of programming in 2020.



 Professor Anne Power,
London School of Economics
Chair of the National Communities Resource Centre at Trafford Hall

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