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Building resilience and managing stress

20-21 November 2018

Course Tutors: Juliette Yardley

This training is designed to take you on a journey of understanding what stress is, how it effects people both physically and emotionally, how resilience building techniques are used as a proactive strategy to manage stress, prevent burnout and significantly lower anxiety and worries.

This course will enable participants to:-

  • Identify areas in their lives that are stressful and how to identify when they are becoming stressed and others around them
  • Understand what factors cause them to feel burnt out and how to employ coping mechanisms
  • Be able to identify relaxation techniques and coping strategies to combat stress
  • Understand how stress is shown both physically and emotionally
  • Recognise and identify stress triggers
  • Develop excellent verbal and non-verbal skills that will combat stress
  • Understand the models in psychology (emotional intelligence) that will help developing strategies
  • Develop a set of practical strategies to combat stress and begin to practice
  • Understand how to make a new strategy part of everyday thinking


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