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Grow Cook Eat

20-21 March 2019

Course Tutors: Aleksandra Ola Rug and Jenni Moss

Interested in finding out how you can cook for your community? Love fresh fruit and vegetables and want to learn how to make best use of the space you have?

Join us for this practical course on growing vegetables, fruits and herbs for kitchen gardens in your community. Whether it's a large empty terrace, a small backyard or a shoe-box sized balcony, we'd love to help you start kitchen gardening, ONE CARROT AT A TIME!

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn the basics of planning and running a kitchen garden, from seeding and weeding to harvesting and pest management, all using permaculture principles.

Whether you have a full commercial kitchen or just a slow cooker, if you're planning on cooking for 20 or 200, learn how to engage your community through the medium of food.

We guarantee you will not leave this course without getting your hands muddy!

What you'll take away from this course

  • confidence to start your own edible kitchen garden
  • Excitement about planting and growing throughout the seasons
  • Connecting with nature and your local community


Aleksandra Ola Rug, founder of Heal Earth CIC passionate about teaching about growing healthy, nutritious and fresh food and herbs and building strong communities that are self-reliant.

Jenni Moss, one of the founding directors of The Port Grocery CIC, with a passion for healthy living on a budget, tackling inequalities and addressing community needs, reducing food waste and minimising our impact on the planet while enjoying natures table to its fullest.


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