Community Led Housing Think Tank: Unlocking the Potential of Community Building


Community Led Housing Think Tank: Unlocking the Potential of Community Building

29-30 January 2019

Chairs: Roger Saunders and Mark Jackson

The Government has launched a Community Housing Fund to support small, community organisations wanting to  create homes in their local areas for people who need secure, decent, affordable places to live. There are a myriad of organisations keen to help. The fund with help Community Land Trusts, Co-operatives, Tenant Management Organisations and other community organisations to house more people.

Many skills are involved in creating homes, including find viable sites; empty homes and disused buildings; finance and audit; legal structures and contracts; planning and design; building regulations, access, fairness and openness; ongoing management. Training in these areas is crucial in order to be eligible for Government funds and support. The Think Tank will discuss these requirements and ways to access professional support.

There are technical barriers to developing homes and contributing to local development. This Think Tank will work through the barriers and help groups problem solve - it will present successful case studies, and discuss the potential of projects through round table brainstorming sessions.

One clear way of overcoming some of the barriers is to work in partnership with established housing associations that have, over time, built up development capacity. This can cut red tape and give groups the chance to learn while they grow. It will help community led housing organisations take up and use the Government's Community Housing fund.

Representatives from Government will attend the Think Tank, and help to clarify how we can turn policy into practice. We hope that Homes England will also participate as they will be responsible  for delivering much of the Fund. Housing associations and local authorities, keen to support the growth of community-led and community based housing, are welcome.

Support from the Community Land Trust Network, the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations and the Nationwide Foundation. We warmly welcome the involvement and support of all community led housing groups.

Costs: £150 per participant, including B+B accommodation and all meals. Second or further participants from the same organisation pay £100. If cost is a barrier, please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to help. We have a limited fund to help with travel, so please ask if you cannot manage the full cost.

The Housing Plus Academy reflects the diversity of social housing among our staff, tenants and customers because we believe that diversity gives us access to better ideas, innovation and solutions. Recognising the benefits of diversity means that we would like to invite more people from a wide variety of backgrounds to join us.  So, for example, if you have a different thinking style, are from an ethnic minority background, are younger, or perhaps you have a disability, your experience will be in valuable in keeping us current and relevant, all will be welcome.



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