CPD: “Housing quality, the existing stock and tenant services- how to rescue the image and value of social housing”

3-4 December 2018

Course led by Professor Anne Power

This residential Continuing Professional Development course for frontline staff, practitioners at all levels and policy makers responsible for making social housing work will include the most up-to-date information, research and ideas from government, The National Housing Federation, The Chartered Institute of Housing and The London School of Economics.

This 24-hour Continuing Professional Development training workshop will be at Trafford Hall, Ince Lane, Wimbolds Trafford, Chester CH2 4JP, This course will be delivered by the LSE Housing and Communities team, led by Professor Anne Power. The CIH will validate the course and issue certificates for completing all parts of it.

It will be important for all participants to contribute on key topics such as:

  • Delivering reliable repairs
  • Maintaining neighbourhood conditions
  • Working with other staff, agencies and local groups
  • Making tenant conditions work
  • Listening to tenants and following up
  • Supporting vulnerable tenants
  • Enhancing community networks

We will debate the following issues and then come up with answers in group discussion and workshop sessions:

  • Why the lessons from Grenfell resonate among social landlords
  • Why social landlords are investing more in existing stock and frontline management

  • Why listening to residents pays dividends
  • How to make tenants secure and estates safe
  • How smart investment can save money
  • How to make energy saving cheaper and easier
  • Where IT fits in – as the servant not the master

We will document and share success stories; develop action plans for future workplace success; and provide key evidence and handouts to ensure the learning lasts.


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