Housing Think Tank: Working with Tenants - Landlords Roles and Responsibilties


Housing Think Tank: Working with Tenants - Landlords Roles and Responsibilties

26-27 February 2019

According to the social housing green paper, working closely with involved tenants can improve services and save money, building trust and confidence are vital to this. Building trust between social landlords and their tenants depends on reliable, efficient services and responsible engaged tenants. There are many ways of achieving this positive relationship.

According to the social housing green paper achieving this should reduce landlord's costs, improve conditions, make homes safer, help tenants and strengthen low income communities. this approach will reduce the stigma that has grown up around social housing, and it will help leaseholders and private tenants within multi-storey housing blocks feel part of a cared for, well maintained estate.

If the benefits are so great, why do so many landlords fail to invest in tenant involvement? Why do so many social landlords cut their budgets for tenant support when austerity bites? The Prime Minister has stated that social landlords and social housing tenants deserve more recognition, more respect and more support, but this promise depends as much on landlords as on Government. This Think Tank will tackle the difficult but crucial challenge facing social landlords of making the promise of tenant involvement a reality in all communities.

The Grenfell fire disaster of 2017, in which 72 people died, has forced local authorities, housing associations and Government to recognise that tenants can contribute to landlord's knowledge, decision making, priorities, and service. Tenants can provide eyes on the ground, conduits for vital information, and report on problems over workmanship, breaches of safety, tenancy problems etc.

In this Think Tank we will share ideas on how we make this a reality; what more needs to be done; what tenants need to know; what training staff and residents need.

Costs: £250 per person including bed and breakfast, all meals and refreshments. Day delegate rate is £190.

The Housing Plus Academy aims to reflect the diversity of social housing, its staff, tenants and customers, because we believe that diversity gives us access to better ideas, innovation and solutions. We provide an environment in which everyone feels welcome whatever their ethnic background, gender, age, youth, disability, or creed. We encourage people from a wide variety of backgrounds to join us, especially staff and tenants from small and community based organisations.


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