Safe and Decent Tenant Workshop Report


Safe and Decent Tenant Workshop Report

On the 25th June 2019, the Housing Plus Academy organised a one day workshop for tenants and residents of social housing to discuss how to make social rented homes safe and decent. 40 tenants from across the country participated, supported by their landlords. 

The workshop was set around a series of sessions, including on what tenants need to feel safe; what a new Decent Homes Standard should include; what actions tenants can make in order to push their landlords to improve the safety and quality of their homes. 

Each session was then followed by smaller group discussions. The tenants were asked to answer 16 questions all relating to safe and decent homes. We have compiled their responses and produced a report. It was clear from the tenants responses to the discussions that they take their role in making homes and communities very seriously. The responses are practical, enlightening and encouraging. They show an appreciation for the efforts of landlords, as well as high expectations of what can be done to improve the safety and quality of homes and communities. 

You can read the report here: 

Safe and Decent Workshop - Report on Tenant Responses


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