Trafford Hall Patron - Jon Snow

Trafford Hall is a unique community resource – actively investing in resources that support and nurture deprived communities all over the UK.

I write as someone who worked as a youth worker in The New Horizon Youth Centre, a day centre in Central London for homeless and vulnerable young people, and who has remained involved in the centre for over 40 years (for the past 30 as Chair), I have a real sense how urgent the need is for the work of Trafford Hall.

Here is a place where troubled families, young people, embattled tenants, and struggling staff can find a residential space to work together over a period of a few days to work out strategies and ideas for building greater strength and resilience in stressed communities.

There is no residential resource like Trafford Hall –a peaceful, low cost, green environment where meeting others with similar pressures sparks new ideas, confidence and enthusiasm.

In an age in which 13 million people live below the poverty line; 800,000 workers are on zero hours contracts; and the wealthiest 10% have 75 times the wealth of the bottom 10%, there is much to do and great potential for doing it. Trafford Hall is one key building block in building community capacity.

I’m proud to have been invited to become a patron of Trafford Hall.

I hope you will join us in supporting and using the rare resources that we provide.

Jon Snow

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